Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I stumbled across this by accident and found it to be a very interesting command.

Say you wanted to run a command from the command line that runs in a GUI(KDE is what I've tested it on)

from the command prompt type(in this example I will be staring firefox web browser):
xinit /usr/bin/firefox

It will load firefox without having to load KDE. Also you'll have to mess around with the commands to get it fullscreen or anything else you want it to do.

If you wanted firefox to load a certain webpage then type:
xinit /usr/bin/firefox ""

This command also works if you ssh from one computer to another. Example

I ssh from computer1 to computer2. I am now logged onto computer2. I can now run the same xinit command and it will load firefox on computer2. The catch is that the Xserver can't be running on computer2. If Xserver is running you'll have to kill it or figure out a way to get xinit to use a different display.. I'm going to check into the export DISPLAY command and see if that will work if Xserver is already running.


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