Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Upgrade from FC2 to CentOS 5.1

yes.. It IS possible and here is how.

2 ways.

First way.

On the FC2 box change the fedora-release file to say:
CentOS release 5 (Final)

(save file, duh!)

Boot the FC2 box with the CDROM or DVD of Centos 5.1

At the boot menu choose:
linux upgradeany

follow directions.



It's just that easy.

2nd way:
Upgrade with a PXE server

On the FC2 box change the fedora-release file to
CentOS release 5 (Final)

(save file, duh!)

make a section in your "/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default" file like this:

label fc2upgrade
kernel centos51_i386/vmlinuz
append ks=http://ip/location/to/ks.upgrade text initrd=centos51_i386/initrd.img ramdisk_size=8192

create your kickstart file on your http server:

url --url http://ip/location/to/CentOS/core/i386
lang en_US.UTF-8
keyboard us
bootloader --location=mbr --append="selinux=0"


modify kickstart file as needed.
I chose to disable selinux on my original FC2 install so you should disable it in the upgrade

You might have to play around with it, but this worked for me. Post comments if you have questions.

Boot with network support and choose fc2upgrade to start the upgrade!


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